GLG platform for professional learning

GLG is short for Gerson Lehrman Group and is founded in 1998 in New York. The platform connects Fortune 500 corporations, banks, private equityfirms, consultancies, pharmaceuticals, law firms and many other (not-for)profit organisations with 650.000 experts in every sector. Anoushka Schut-Welkzijn is a council member of GLG. She consults over the phone. The consults concern foreign consultancies or companies that are interested in setting up shop in the Netherlands. She will provide an overview of the impact of a transfer for social security and health care insurance for the company and its employees. GLG ensures that all council member are independent and sincere and presses the members that only public information is allowed to be shared.

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CPI Risk, Finance, Governance

In the summer of 2018 Jeroen Breen, now partner at CPI, but former Director of the Royal Dutch Actuarial Association, introduced me to CPI. The organisation provides assignments and interim-management in risk-management, finance and government for ambitious professionals. Anoushka can acquire assignments via CPI, but still work for herself.

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